Reseller Portal - Complete Control Of Your Users

The reseller portal will allow you to generate users massively, renew them, change your userss passwords. This is a complete control of your users. 

You will need a reseller account to log in. You will need to buy a reseller credits and we will send you the reseller account information.

Buy $200 reseller credits

To log in the reseller portal, go to:

To generate users, you have to choose a prefix that is suitable for you. You can choose anh prefix as long as nobody chose that before.

Click on "Generate username" > Enter "Prefix name" then click on Submit.

In the piture I generated the Prefix: nakaga

I enter 5 in the number of logins which means I will generate 5 accounts
I choose prefix nakaga
I choose starting number 1, which means I will generate the accounts nakaga1, nakaga2, nakaga3, nakaga4, nakaga5
I choose Group Premium, and choose 1 Month for the duration.
Click on "GO", the browser will give you a list of users that you generated. Download that file to get all usernames and passwords

You will have to renew your users before they expire. Just go to "Your User List", click on a username, and extend membership for them. If you don't extend their membership, our system will downgrade it to Regular Group, and you can upgrade to Premium again later too. You can also change the password in case they change the password and don't pay you to renew

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