How to pay with Bitcoin

Getting a BTC Wallet with BTC Address

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which is accepted in many trading platforms. There are many exchange platforms to buy bitcoins or sell bitcoins to USD. We accept bitcoins for our clients so please learn on how to buy bitcoins

First you will need a wallet to keep your bitcoins. Go to and sign up for a free wallet. Please note that when you sign up, you will have a wallet ID, and password. Keep your information safe by copying it down to a text file.

Open your wallet, you will have a BTC Address. This is the address you will use to buy bitcoins. To get your BTC Address, click on "Transactions" > "Request" > and unde Copy and Share, you will see the address.

Buying BTC from

Go to and sign up an account with them. This is an exchange platform where you can buy BTC. They will ask you to submit all information before you can buy. When you buy, send it to your BTC address in your that we discuss above. You will need to wait for 1-2 hours for the transaction to be verified by the network. As soon as it is verified you will have the fund and and you pay your invoice with us.

How much BTC should you buy?

You just need to buy just enough to pay us. To know how much BTC you should buy, make an order with us and go to the invoice page, then choose to pay with BTC. The payment gateway will show you how much BTC you need to send to us.

How to pay us?

When you order a service from us, it gave you the option to pay with "Go Coin (Bitcoin Only)"
Please choose that option and it will redirect you to the payment gateway. In this page it will give you temporary BTC address. Open your wallet and send BTC to this teporary address within 15 minutes. After you send it will redirect you to the invoice page. Now please wait for the transaction to be verified. It will takek 1-2 hours to verify the transaction and your account will be upgraded automatically

Here is the link that offers more information on how to buy bitcoin in US, UK or worldwide. If you already have an wallet you can buy it from different sources and send it to your wallet.

For any question please contact [email protected] for help

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